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Armored Cars for Rent: Armored Volkswagen Touareg TDI| Monterrey, Mexico

Volkswagen Touareg Monterrey,MX DAR384 FRONT

B6 Armored Volkswagen Touareg 4×4 SUV available for Rent in Monterrey, Mexico from Diplomat Armored Rentals.

360 Protection Steel & Transparent Armor. Overlap Protection, Run-flat Inserts & Spare, Armored ECU, Gas Tank & Battery. Upgraded Brakes and HD Suspension, Siren/Intercom System, Operable Front Windows

V6 Diesel 2+3 Seating

B6 Armored

Available for Client Driven Rentals or With Trained Security Driver

*Bi-lingual Drivers Available

$1,200 Per Day/$8,400 Per Week/ $21,300 Per Month

Contact Us Today US Toll-Free1-888-480-0454

If Calling from Mexico Dial: 01-882-480-0454

Diplomat Vehicle Number:DAR384

Volkswagen Touareg Monterrey,MX DAR384 SIDE

Volkswagen Touareg Monterrey,MX DAR384 SEATS

Vehicle Year 2015
Make and Model VW TOUAREG V6 TDI
This vehicle Meets or Exceeds: B6
GSA Qualification B6 Armored By Certified Armoring Company, Run-Flat Tires, Under 40,000 KM, Steel Armor
Vehicle Location MONTERREY, MEXICO
Program Enrollment DAR Global Online Reservation System Only, DAR Embassy Flex-Fleet, US Gov GSA Fleet Program
Engine Size (#of Cylinders i.e. V6/V8/V12) V6
Fuel Type Diesel
DAR Vehicle Number DAR384
Price Per Day in USD ($) 1200.00
Security Deposit ($) 1200.00
Available as a Client Driven Rental? No – Clients are not allowed to drive your armored vehicles.
Price Per Week 8,400
Price Per 30 Days: 21,300
Additional Options
Available for Embassy Flex Fleet NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS RATE
90 Days Special Incentive.

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Diplomat Armored Rentals is a Veteran Owned Business founded in 2012. We are the World’s Largest provider of armored vehicles for Rent with over 300 armored vehicles in our fleet.

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We partnered with 30 of the world’s leading providers of armored car hire and secure transportation services to develop WAVES.


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WAVES is the Worldwide Armored Vehicle Enterprise System. This unique database features quality armored vehicles in over 36 countries from the best-armored vehicle providers in the World.


We have provided armored vehicles to the US Embassy in Libya, Chemical Weapons Inspectors from the Organization for the prohibition of Chemical weapons, Israeli Secret Service, Saudi Royal Family, Mclaren Formula 1 Racing Team, US Navy SEALs, World Bank and the US Secret Service.

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We have armored passenger vehicles available on the ground in the US, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Turkey, India, Italy, Moscow, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, South Sudan, Iraq and in the Philippines.

We also provide 24, 36, and 48-month armored vehicle leasing programs.


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DAR provides armored vehicles for long and short-term rentals.
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