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3 New Service Locations Added to Armored Vehicle Booking Site: Kenya, South Africa & Costa Rica

Armored Car Rental in Costa Rica
Armored Car Hire services are now available in Costa Rica.

Armored SUV Rental Kenya

Armored SUV Rental South Africa

In February 2019, Diplomat Armored Rentals expanded the secure transportation coverage areas of the Worldwide Armored Vehicle Enterprise System (WAVES).

March 2019 Armored Car Rental Services Map from Diplomat Armored Rentals

The Worldwide Armored Vehicle Enterprise System (WAVES). WAVES is an online booking site that allows our customers to find information on armored vehicles available for rent, and for hire around the world. Booking secure transportation has finally been simplified.

Armored Vehicle Rental Cost in Costa Rica
Armored Car Hire Services in Costa Rica include an armed Security Driver $1750 USD per Day Daily Rate includes security services in San Jose, Escazu, Santa Ana, and Cartago. 150 KM Per Day and 12 hours of service with security driver.
Armoured Car Hire in Kenya Prices
Armoured car hire and bodyguard service in South Africa

Diplomat ArmoredRentals is the World’s Largest provider of armored vehicles for Rent with over 300 armored vehicles in our fleet.

Our clients include executives, Heads of State, celebrities, corporations, government agencies, and NGOs.

We have provided armored vehicles to the US Embassy in Libya, Chemical Weapons Inspectors from the Organization for the prohibition of Chemical weapons, Israeli Secret Service, Saudi Royal Family, Mclaren Formula 1 Racing Team, US Navy SEALs, World Bank and the US Secret Service. 

We have armored vehicles available for rent in the US, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia

We have teamed up with the world’s premier armored vehicle rental and armored car hire companies in the world to create a comprehensive database of armored passenger vehicles available for rent around the world. We named the database WAVES.

Armored Car Hite, BulletProof Car Rent for Rent

WAVES is the Worldwide Armored Vehicle Enterprise System. This unique database features quality armored vehicles in multiple countries from the premier armored vehicle providers in the World. The WAVES system benefits our clients in several distinct ways.

WAVES makes it easy to Check Pricing, Confirm Availability, and Book Armored Vehicles online.

. WAVES is “Secure Transportation made Simple”


You can browse the full WAVES vehicle inventory at:

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The Worldwide Armored Vehicle Enterprise System

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