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Armored (Bulletproof) Car Rental in Los Angeles

B6 Armored Chevrolet Suburban Available for Rent in LA.

LA BLK Suburban 2

Vehicle Info

Chevrolet Suburban

V8 – Petrol

2+2+3 Seating Configuration

Black Exterior/ Grey Interior

blk suburban SD Side

Available for Rent in LA & throughout the West Coast from Diplomat Armored Rentals. B6 armored by 360 Armored Protection. Overlap Protection, Run-flat Inserts Armored ECU, Gas Tank & Battery. Upgraded Brakes and HD Suspension, Siren/Intercom, Operable Windows, Rear Seat Entertainment System.

This Vehicle is B6 Armored

Reserve it Online with WAVES (Worldwide Armored Vehicle Enterprise System)

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This B6 Armored Chevrolet Suburban is the ideal vehicle for VIPs traveling to Southern California.

“B6” Armor is the same level used by US and NATO forces in the Middle East. It provides (bulletproof) protection from large-caliber assault rifles like AR-15 and AK-47s. It is even certified to withstand 2 grenades being detonated directly under the vehicle without the passenger compartment being compromised.

More importantly, The new body style of the Suburban blends in perfectly throughout Los Angeles without drawing unwanted attention. It looks like all the other black suburbans being driven by car services. Classy and elegant enough for charity galas in Beverly Hills or Bel-Air. Yet subtle enough to avoid the scrutiny of Paparazzi on Rodeo Blvd.


Rental & Hire Services

Client Driven Rentals are permitted in this vehicle.

(Client Driven Rental Security Deposit – $5,000 USD)

Embassy Card, Embassy Flex Fleet & Corporate Member Security Deposit ($1,250)
Trained and certified armored vehicle drivers are available.

They are fully credentialed Executive Protection Agents by the State of California.

Services available at this location:
Security Drivers * Executive Protection * Diplomatic Security *

Pakistan Security, Islamabad Close Protection
In LA, we provide Security Drivers (Armored Car Hire) & Executive Protection Services.

Rental Rates

Airport Transfer Rates (Partial Days) Are NOT available with this vehicle. Full rental days only

$2,200 Per Day

$12,000.00- Per Week

$22,000.00-Per Month

*Daily Rate for Car Hire (Vehicle and Driver) Service Includes 12 Hours and 200 Miles Per Day.

*Overages are billed at $160 Per Hour (with driver) and $1 USD Per Mile

*There is a $250 Rush Service fee if either the contract, or full payment
are received within 48 hours of the scheduled service start time.

Available as Client Driven Rental or with Trained Security Driver

Flat Rate Shipping Cost
This vehicle is based in San Diego/Tijuana. The cost to deliver the vehicle to nearby cities are listed below.

Clients are welcome to travel to San Diego and drive the vehicle to the rental location to reduce delivery cost.

Los Angeles $1,600.00
Phoenix, AZ $2,200.00
Los Vegas $2,550.00
San Francisco $4,000.00

Diplomat Armored Rentals is a Veteran Owned Business founded in 2012. We are the World’s premier provider of armored passenger vehicles for Rent with over 300 armored vehicles in our fleet. We provide armored passenger vehicles for long and short-term rentals.

Contacting Diplomat Armored Rentals

Contact Diplomat Armored

US Toll-Free:1-888-480-0454

Operators Available 24/7Email:

Diplomat Armored Rentals Facebook:

Diplomat Armored Rentals Blog: Diplomatic Security Situation Report

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Fear is a Choice, but Danger is Real!



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