Armored Cars for Rent: GMC Yukon XL – Brazil (Diplomat Armored Rentals)

Vehicle Year 2009
Make and Model GMC YUKON XL
This vehicle Meets or Exceeds: B4 Lightweight – Composite
GSA Qualification NO
Vehicle Location SAO PAULO
Program Enrollment DAR Global Online Reservation System Only
Engine Size (#of Cylinders i.e. V6/V8/V12) V8
Fuel Type Petrol
DAR Vehicle Number DAR362
Price Per Day in USD ($) 681.00
Security Deposit ($) 5000.00
Available as a Client Driven Rental? Yes – Clients can drive themselves with Security Deposit $500-$4999. USD
Price Per Week 4358
Price Per 30 Days: 7252
Additional Options
Available for Embassy Flex Fleet NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS RATE
90 Days Special Incentive.
Photo front photo of the vehicle.


Side photo of the vehicle.


Dash and Front Seats

B4 Armored Image


Diplomat Armored Rentals (DAR) is a Veteran Owned Business based in Washington DC. We have the world’s largest fleet of armored passenger vehicles for rent or for lease.

We have armored passenger vehicles available on the ground in the US, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Turkey, India, Italy, Moscow, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq and in the Philippines.

We also provide 24, 36, and 48 month armored vehicle leasing programs.

DAR provides armored vehicles for long and short-term rentals.
Contact us today for a Quote.

Toll Free:1-888-480-0454

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Diplomat Armored Rentals Blog: Diplomatic Security Situation Report 


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